What is First Person Projects?

First of all, hello! Happy to have you here.

Now, what’s this all about, then? We’re a team of design thinkers and researchers interested in exploring the many pathways to civic engagement. Too often, we narrow the definition of civic engagement to public service (running for office, serving in government or the military) and voting. We think civic engagement is much more accessible, and much more common, than many might think.

We think civic engagement begins with seemingly small gestures, in hyper local places, with small communities. And we want to explore how people first are called to community and shared purpose, and how - for some - this grows. We also want to understand why - for many - it stays small, or even fades over time.

This newsletter is how we plan to share what we learn as we research this space. If you’re interested in why people come to community and service, and how this impacts their behavior as voters and citizens, please do subscribe. You can also check out our blog here.

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